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Supplemental Insurance

Looking for supplemental health insurance? Imagine when uncertainty takes place and the inevitable happens. When your health insurance does not cover 100%, we are here to assist you in obtaining the right product to help you pay unwanted medical bills. The smart choice is a smart supplemental health insurance where benefits are paid directly to you. Find out about more exclusive products and start protecting yourself and your family today.

Health Insurance is more affordable than you think

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the right way to assist you and your family manage the high cost of health care. A regular doctor visit may cost up to $200 dollars depending on the procedure and diagnostic. You can purchase medical insurance on your own, but sometimes you may find yourself confused on deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. We are here to help. We have partnered with top agencies that bring products with one thing in mind - your budget. 

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is the way to save on veterinarian services. It is a healthcare policy that pays for certain medical costs. Having pet insurance is a life saver for your most precious friend. 

We have partnered with PetPartners to bring you pet insurance at low-cost. 

Life Insurance

"Regardless of where you are in life, there is probably a lot going on.
Taking care of your financial needs may not be top of mind. That’s where National Life Group can help. Whether you are planning just for you or your family," we are licensed through National Lie Group to offer a "variety of financial solutions to help you meet whatever your goals may be."

Whatever Your Goal Is, Securing Your Family's Future Is First.

Life Insurance With Living and Cash Back Benefits. 

We are here to help you get the right choice

Dental Insurance

Did you know that dental procedures are part of your overall health? Did you know that dental health is an important part of you and your family? Most health insurances do not cover dental health, and if they do, the work is just the basics. In fact, dental is the largest expense not covered by Obamacare and Medicare plans. We have partnered with top agencies that provide competitive premiums with unbelievable coverage. Check the top companies and remember, every smile fits a style. 

Legal Insurance Services

Lawsuits happen all the time. You maybe have auto, home, health and / or life insurance coverage. But reality is that insurance companies do not protect you when you and your family have been sued. Handling legal matters can become overwhelming. Legal coverage protects you when your family when least expected. 

Who can benefit from legal coverage?

Members of 

Travel Insurance and Travel Services

Our Club Members enjoy travel benefits and discounts like no other. We offer affordable travel insurance worldwide. Huge savings on tourism packages all-year-round. Get all savings at once and get up to $200 in shopping dollars!

Travel Agents for

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Do you have Medicaid and Medicare? 

Find out about the new 2020 plans

Contact us for any questions about our partners' products. 

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“I was tired of paying for a health insurance with high deductibles. Agent Alejandra Fernandez showed me the options I needed for a better coverage. Now, I am saving money and still insured” 

—  Milton Quintero, Corporate Accountant